Free Bail Information and Advice From Bondsman


Free Bail Information and Advice

How to get Free Bail Information

  1. Call 1-714-960-4402 and say that you would like bail information.
  2. Provide the requested information to the bail agent. This is usually the name of who is calling, the name of the person who got arrested and the jail the person is at.
  3. The bail agent will contact the jail to obtain bail information. This usually takes 5 minutes or less but can take longer if the jailer is busy or if the bail agent gets put on hold.
  4. The bail agent will call you back and will provide whatever information was available. It can take one or several hours for bail information to become available after someone has been arrested. If the information is not yet available, the bail agent will check back with the jail until the information is ready.
  5. If you just want information and know you do not want to bail the person out, just tell me. I will still be happy to help you, really.

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