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Who Does What?

Obligations of Bail Agent, Indemnitor and Defendant.

Bail Agent


  • Provides Total Bail Amount
  • Guarantees defendant’s appearance
  • Fugitive recovery assistance
  • Bail motions when needed

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  • Pays percentage of total bail amount
  • Guarantees defendant’s appearance
  • Financially responsible for forfeiture & expenses

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  • Make all required court appearances
  • Comply with terms of bail bond agreement if applicable
  • Also can be financially responsible for premium and costs

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Why Choose Huntington Beach Bail Bonds?

24 Hour bail bonds


Anytime days, nights, weekends or holidays we can get your friend or loved one out of jail. Bail bonds can be done by phone, fax or email when it is not possible to meet with you in person.



It usually takes less than 30 minutes for our bail agents to complete the necessary paperwork for any bail bond transaction. This paperwork can be completed over the phone or in person if we meet with you.

Free Service

We happily provide bail information and explain how bail bonds work for free! There is no cost or obligation for information. No high pressure sales either. You will feel like you are talking to a trusted friend in the bail bond business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I pay the bail directly to the jail?
If you can pay the full bail amount to the jail you do not need to go through a bail bondsman. For example, if the bail if $50,000 and you can pay the full $50,000 in cash, you would not need a bail bond.
If like most people you do not have $50,000 cash you can pay $5,000 to a bail bond company instead. The bail bond company would put up the full $50,000 in the form of a bail bond.
How do I get my money back?
If you post the full $50,000 with the jail or court you will get your money back from the court after the bail money is no longer needed to guarantee the defendant will appear in court. This usually happens when the charges have been dismissed or the defendant has been sentenced.
If you go through a bail bond company you will not get the premium back. The bail bond premium is how the bail bond company gets paid.
How long is a bail bond good for?
Our bail bonds are good until the bail bond is exonerated by the court. This usually happens when charges are resolved either by dismissal, lack of prosecution, sentencing or other event that causes the bail bond to be exonerated by the judge.
What happens if the defendant gets arrested while out on bail?
If someone we bail out gets arrested again it does not automatically cause a problem. It is important to notify us if this does happen. Being in custody is not an excuse for failing to appear in court.  There are things we can do to try to prevent the bail bond from being forfeited or prevent the forfeiture from being paid (depends on jurisdictional matters).
If you are out on our bail bond and you do get rearrested, we prefer you bail out through us rather than another bail bond company. It will be faster and easier since we already have all your information on file.

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