From time to time we get phone calls from people inquiring about outstanding warrants that they have. Yes, we are able to do a warrant check for you, to determine if you have an outstanding arrest warrant in Orange County, an outstanding arrest warrant in Los Angeles county, or any other county in California.

There is no charge to you if you call us up and ask if you have an outstanding warrant. We’ll be able to tell you over the phone if you have an arrest warrant and advise you on what you should do in that case.

Don’t be like the thousands of people who get arrested every year because they have an outstanding warrant that they know about that leads to an arrest.

It’s a simple matter to check if you have an arrest warrant. Once you’ve done the check, you’ll know with certainty whether or not you are at risk of being arrested by a police officer who runs a check on your license plates while you’re stopped at a red light.

Give us a call right now so we can do a free arrest warrant check for you. 714-960-4402