The Bail Amount is $50,000 for felony Domestic Violence

When police respond to a domestic violence call, they are required by law to try to determine who the primary aggressor was even if both people committed acts of violence.  The law discourages arresting both people but it can happen.  The police wind up having to arrest someone even when they might not personally think it is justified. Consequently, charges are only filed on about half of the people arrested for felony domestic violence.  We let people know this before they get a bail bond from us because the bail amount for felony domestic violence is $50,000. The bail amount is determined by the Orange County Bail Schedule.  This means the cost for the bail bond is typically $5,000.  People will often pay for the bail bond with a credit card.  Learn more about how to pay for a bail bond by clicking on this link Bail Bond Payment Plans.

A Traumatic Experience

People arrested for felony domestic violence have often never been arrested before.  The experience can be quite traumatic.  The trauma will be escalated if they are not bailed out before they get sent to the Orange County Jail.  For this reason, it is a good idea to contact us right away.  We can usually get the bail bond posted before they get transferred.

Alcohol and/or drugs are often involved.  The couple might be going through divorce or heading in that direction.  Custody battles, money and divorce are often huge contributing factors that result in people resorting to physical violence. The experience of getting arrested adds another layer of stress and trauma to an already volatile situation.

If someone you know has been arrested for domestic violence, give us a call.  We will be happy to provide you with information regardless of whether or not you decide to get a bail bond.  Call us at (714) 960-4402. You will most likely speak to the owner, Bonnie.  She has been a bail agent since 1985 so she has decades of experience helping people whose loved-ones have been arrested.